Est. 1981

ISO Class 4 Rating

About Us

Johnsonville Fire Service

The Johnsonville Fire District consist of Firefighters, Logistical/Support, and Reserve personnel. Each member has multiple duties to perform within the District. All members are cross trained in several areas of fire service functions. On any given response our members may be called upon to serve as drivers, pump operators, support personnel, and/or firefighter.


Volunteers have to maintain a life style like no one else. While taking care of normal family responsibilities, personal time, work schedules, and other duties, at a moments notice they are prepared and ready to respond to emergency calls.

Origin of the Maltese Cross

The icon that is often symbolic with fire departments worldwide, including Johnsonville Fire District, is known as the Maltese Cross. It's origins date back hundreds of years, and it is a badge of honor and courage.

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Saint Florian, the Patron Saint of Firefighters.

Sentenced to death by fire, Florian is reputed to have challenged the Roman soldiers I will climb to heaven on the flames. The fearful Romans chose instead that he be flogged and flayed then thrown into the river Enns with a stone tied around his neck.

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Johnsonville Fire District Coverage Area Map

Area map is NOT to scale. Boundaries may vary.

Johnsonville Fire District covers 85.64* miles of Eastern Lower Florence County.

* information on mileage given by the Florence County Planning and includes the town of Johnsonville.

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